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Hearty Split Pea and Potato Soup with a heart shaped carrot in the middle all in a coconut bowl on a white background with a stray heart shaped carrot sitting on the white background

Hearty Split Pea and Potato Soup

Hearty Split Pea and Potato Soup is absolute comforting deliciousness. Full of fresh split peas, this plant powered recipe is warm, filling, and the perfect soup for fall. Only 10 ingredients. I love tasty yet easy recipes. If you’ve looked at other recipes on this website you can see that […]

Healthy Holy Guacamole in a bowl on a brown box with corn chips

Healthy Holy Guacamole!

Healthy Holy Guacamole. Avocados. Pico de Gallo. Lemon. Salt… Quick. Easy. Healthy. Nutritious. Fabulous… Plant Based. Vegan. Gluten Free. Healthy happiness in a bowl.

perfect pico de gallo in a blue bowl, ready to served in a rustic brown tray

Perfect Pico de Gallo

Perfect Pico de Gallo. You’re craving Mexican food. You break out the avocado, which is always a must. But it just needs something to kick it up a notch. A little heat, a dose of fresh, a tang of lime. My friends, Perfect Pico de Gallo is the simple, quick […]

Southern Stuffed Cornbread cut and stacked on top of each other with basil leaves on a white background

Southern Stuffed Cornbread

Southern Stuffed Cornbread is healthy, Vegan comfort food at it’s best! Gluten Free homemade cornbread stuffed with my perfectly spiced tofu taco meat, kidney beans and “cheese” make it more than just cornbread, it’s a meal!

Pesto Pasta Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes up close with extra fresh basil.

Pesto Pasta Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes

Pesto Pasta Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes. Let’s read that again. Pesto Pasta STUFFED Roasted Tomatoes. That’s right! This time the tomatoes aren’t tossed into the pasta, they are stuffed WITH the pasta. In one word, scrumdiddlyumptious.

Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili in a white bowl up close with a spoon and autumn leaves in the background.

Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili

Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili. The wonderful spiciness of black bean chili coupled with the hearty nutty sweetness of butternut squash. A wonderful meal to make ahead and have ready for holiday guests, or your cold weather “warm me up” perfect bowl of chili happiness. Either way, it rocks.

Vegan and Gluten Free Wild Rice with Roasted Vegetables in a white dish on a wooden table

Wild Rice with Roasted Vegetables

Wild Rice with Roasted Vegetables will probably be the easiest yet most colorful and tasty side dish you make for the holidays. The colors and veggies are just perfect for fall and winter. 9 ingredients. Roast and mix. Full of natural flavor. And it’s one of those great dishes that […]